Welcome to Johannus ✭ US

Johannus US is your local connection to Johannus Organs. We now offer the same exceptional customer service and sales professionals here in the United States as our parent company does in the Netherlands. Our local dealers, found throughout the US, can help you with any of your organ needs.

Johannus enjoys the greatest worldwide distribution of digital home and church organs, and Johannus US is certain to have the organ that is right for you. Our specialists stand ready to offer consultation and can customize an instrument or design one from the ground up to meet your specific needs at very competitive prices.

Please contact us for a private consultation or to explore our expansive installations.

Tradition and technology

Let us build the perfect organ for you. 

For centuries, the incomparable sound of organs have filled venues like no other, inspiring and invigorating the souls of musicians and music lovers. 

In the past, space restrictions and budgets made the purchase of a pipe organ unattainable, but times have changed. Digital organs provide impressive sound without the maintenance, cost, and size requirements of a traditional pipe organ. 

For more than four decades, Johannus has combined tradition with technology to build beautiful organs that enhance any musical performance. 

Experience the difference for yourself. A Johannus organ brings the power and beauty of music alive for any church, home, or venue. 

The sound of pipes

We use real time sampling to capture the full detail of each recorded pipe. The mixture ranks are sampled individually, and note-by-note sampling is available for the most detailed sound. Every harmonic and scaling detail of a real pipe organ is captured. 

To accurately replicate pipe organ tone and harmonic detail, we use 24-bit samples and professional audio sample rates. Johannus organs provide tonal resolution and accuracy many times greater than that of a compact disc.  


We manufacture our own organs in Ede, the Netherlands. Here, our enthusiastic engineers, designers, musicians, and audio-technical specialists work together in developing and building beautiful Johannus organs.


Our engineering team is second to none. We can build your custom instrument starting from a blank canvas, or adapt one of our 31 standard models for your needs. 

A custom version of our Monarke model is as affordable as the competitor’s standard models. With Johannus, you can get the features you need for a price that fits your budget.