Church Organs

Ecclesia T-370
St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church
Leonia, NJ

I am so impressed with the versatility of the instrument we have. The sound is impressive. There are very beautiful stops on each of the three manuals, and a clear rich sound when you need to pull out all the stops and show off what the organ is capable of doing.

It’s quite exciting for me to play such a quality organ. Parishioners are raving about the true beauty of the sound it can produce.  I’m often asked, “Where are the pipes?” When I explain there aren’t any pipes, they are really amazed. That is how realistic it is compared to a pipe organ. The family who donated the organ said, “this was one of the best things we ever did, and we are so happy to be inspired by the beauty of the organ.”
— Don Kramer, Music Minister | Dealer: Nelsen Organ Works, Wayne PA

Ecclesia D-470
Christ the Light of the World Parish
Duquesne, PA

The artisans and craftsmen at Johannus expertly matched the finish of our console to the Honduran mahogany of the casework. The stopjambs, finished in a light oak beautifully display the mahogany finished drawknobs. Those who appreciate attention to detail immediately notice the construction of the console.

Most importantly, the phenomenal sound of this instrument so skillfully and flawlessly voiced to match the 24 ranks of Reuter pipes. This is what inspires our congregation to sing and proclaim God’s praises. Each time I sit at this console to lead and accompany my assembly, I am honored and humbled to be allowed to play this magnificent organ.

Ecclesia D-570
St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
Kansas City, MO

The new organ, with its bold voicing, has enhanced the choir’s and congregation’s singing, enabled the playing of the complete organ literature, and elevated the Church’s quality of Liturgical music to a new level of excellence, solemnity and majesty. 

We have a substantial and historic worship space, needed a new organ desperately, but there was no space for a viable pipe organ. The technology, quality, value and grandeur of the Johannus organ has proven a magnificent option.
— Scott F. Foppiano, A.T.O.S. Organist of the Year - 2007 | Dealer: Johannus Church Organs PAR

Ecclesia D-470

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Oshkosh, WI

When our church’s failing pipe organ needed replacement and the initial consultation with a builder indicated quite a hefty price tag for a “modest” piped instrument, I went to the Johannus website to see what they had to offer. Email correspondences with Johannus US dealer, Gary Wood, together with his on-site evaluation, helped steer the congregation toward the Ecclesia D-470. When I mentioned I would enjoy a Cornet stop, Gary reminded me that Johannus customizes the organs to meet their customer’s needs. So, Bethlehem’s Ecclesia D-470 also has a Cornet V!
While other manufacturers boasts of their fine cabinetry and quality workmanship, Johannus also pays attention to what is of utmost importance: the sound.
I would wholeheartedly recommend a Johannus organ to anyone looking for a quality instrument. As one parishioner marveled, “It sounds like a cathedral!
— Les Fritz, organist Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Oshkosh, WI

Monarke Hybrid Organ

Mary Queen Catholic Church, Friendswood, TX

Johannus offered the most professional, accommodating, and sensitive response to our needs. They are the best when it comes to hybrids, and that’s why we chose them.
— Russell Bolduc, Director of the Music Industry | Dealer: Johannus Organs of Texas

Home Organs

Opus 270

As a professional church organist with over 45 years experience (and a definite preference for pipe organs), I am a very satisfied owner of a Johannus house organ. It has far exceeded my expectations in tonal quality, versatility, and practicality.

The voicing of the stops is amazingly accurate and realistic, and every stop is additive rather than sounding derivative, producing great individuality and color while providing complete chorus ensembles. The unique clarity of sound throughout the entire range of the organ makes the Johannus so attractively ear-catching. There is none of the aural fatigue that is sometimes encountered in other digital instruments.

All this is contained in a compact, well-built console with solid key actions, ideal for home and chapel installations. This instrument, a true church organ, has greatly enhanced my ongoing ministry in church music.
— David H. Douma, organist | ‪San Francisco, CA

Opus 370

I’ve been using the Opus 370 for many years, and never regretted the purchase. In fact, it has given a high level of satisfaction, offering full church organ capabilities for my home. I especially appreciate the distinctive stop sounds that I believe are not present in competing organs. It has never failed or been serviced. If I had to choose over again, I would make the same purchase. It has been a quality investment.
— Ron Russell | Dealer: Johannus Norcal

Vivaldi 370

After having bought two Johannus organs over the last ten years, and now both donated to worthy causes, we decided to get one more as a retirement gift to ourselves. Our new Vivaldi 370 has the most glorious sounds we have ever heard from a for-the-home designed organ. Absolutely outstanding! A sheer joy to play; every time we sit on the bench, we discover new possibilities again. A wealth of stops, numerous built-in Midi sounds, and especially that seven octaves of Piano with a real damper pedal no less. Thank you, Johannus, for a job well done.
— Gary Jenkins, former pipe organ builder and retired church organist/Dealer: Gage Organ Center