New Studio 370

Now Available in the United States!


 Similar to the long respected Studio 170, the clean lines of the organ's cabinet give it a modern and fresh look, while its new audio system provides a beautifully clear reproduction of the 37 pipe organ voices.   The Studio 370 is equipped with no fewer than four sample banks, each with unique voices. These enable you to choose between Romantic, Symphonic, Baroque and even Historical recordings. Switch effortlessly between the different styles to create countless combinations.

Panning Technology

The Studio 370 uses what is known as Panning technology. This technology allows us to get closer to reproducing the pipe organ sound. The technology is used to tell the organ where the organ pipe is located. Select your own acoustics The Studio 370 has twelve pre-set reverb programs. You can therefore add all kinds of acoustics to your playing: imagine you are performing in a tiny chapel, a modern church or an ancient cathedral.

A Studio 370 Fits Anywhere

The compact Studio 370 organ fits in almost any interior and is ideal for enthusiastic organists. A RACO pedalboard, 37 voices and three manuals enable you to create countless combinations. And the most beautiful combinations can easily be stored in the memory system. Curious? Contact your nearest Johannus dealer at info@johannus-us.com to try out the Studio 370 for yourself. Its pure sound and modern look make this true Johannus a very special and affordable instrument. 

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